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Popular Wars.io is a unique multiplayer io game based on how powerful of an influencer you are. Popularity, popularity never changes. In Popularwars.io you compete in a massive Multi-player experience against opponents from around the world. Your aim is to move fast, be smart and gain the most followers. Seek out niche cliques, gobble up whole communities and get bigger and bigger. In fact, if your popularity grows enough you might be able to start absorbing your opponents and their fans. The best revenge is a follow from an old enemy. Popularity is important and it is a rare treasure. In this game, your popularity is scored on a leaderboard which only has room for three people. If you can't get to first, second or third, you might as well not even show up. Outsmart the other players, take their fans and build a following. A very literal allegory for how social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook actually works! Game Instructions / How to Play Left click the mouse button, move around the board and navigate over top of the tiny followers



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