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What is the secret to survival in Diep.io ?Try to level up fast : how? In the early levels, try to find a place on the map where there i..tion shared above can help you quickly to the top in this fascinating Diep.io game! Wish you have fun playing the game!-- Ⓖⓐⓜⓔⓢⓑⓧ --
Basic Diep2020 playing guide for beginners
Game modeThere are many modes to suit the style of play of each person. Free For All or Maze are interesting options for mak..themselves and not control the tank. Play DiepBlogGroupFanpageYoutube 
There may be some people who are not aware of this function (Automatic shooting)
Auto ShootAuto Shoot is a feature that was added on the June 1, 2016 update. It can be used by any tank. The feature is activated by pressing..s method, however, eliminates any source of experience for other tanks that can return to affect the team in a dire way. pole then.