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The keys W, A, S, D will control the plane.Pad arrows will control the aircraft.Hold the left mouse button to control the plane.Hold the right mouse button to control the plane.


Bombom.io is a future iogame. In Bombom.io, you are the pilot of a classic bomber and your job is to cause as much havok as possible. Navigatae above a 3-dimensional city is beautifully displayed and automatically releases your bombs on all types of buildings. Your mission is to launch the name onto the leader board and defeat other players. You will have to cleverly map and make strategic decisions that allow you to throw as many bombs as possible. Be careful to avoid larger players, knocking on them will cause you to die and be reset. When you throw bombs and your points increase, your aircraft size also increases. The bigger the ship, the more useless your ship is, this is a challenge that is only suitable for the best players. Yes, you can win, but this is a balance mechanism that keeps everything equal. Another interesting thing about this game is that all the other aircraft in the game are actually other players from all over the world. Igames is their core MMO game, where all rival players are not only AI-controlled computers, but they are like others. This makes competing with them much more difficult than passing an algorithm. Do you think you have the skills, intelligence and will to overcome your reaction, explode the city and become the ultimate bombom.io pilot? We believe in you, now will prove it!



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